Where can Play fit into my workflow?
Go from an idea to a prototype—in minutes.
Create, iterate and experiment—fast.

With the help of the Play Library, you can use Play early in your design process to build out fully functional pages with just a few taps.

The Play Library is a pre-built set of fully customizable components based on common UI patterns—complete with built-in states and Interactions. Using the Play Library gives you the ability to get something "in your hands" quickly so you can experiment and iterate on your initial concepts.
Design Sprints & 
Whiteboard Sessions
Whether its at the end of a Design Sprint or as part of a working session, the Play Library is an easy way to bring an idea to life very quickly.
Rapid Prototyping
Rapid prototypes for quick validation. Play enables you to go from an idea to a high-fidelity prototype in under an hour.
User Testing
Imagine conducting user testing with products that look, feel and function like the real thing. Create, share and test, all from the Play app.
“Play enables me to create fast prototypes for quick validation while using a device that is small enough to fit in my pocket. This is the future of mobile design.”
— Oliver Lenain
Designer at Barclays
Take your designs to your device.
One of the most powerful and unique features of Play is the ability to create, experience and change your product directly on the medium you're designing for—your phone.

While you can design from scratch in Play, we realize many teams are already working in a design tool like Figma, Sketch or XD. That's why we've made it easy to import your designs from other tools directly into Play, where you can experience your design directly on the device and take advantage of Play's advanced interactions, native features and seamless sharing capabilities.

Play puts your design system in context, directly on the medium you're designing for and gives you the ability to tweak things and experience those changes in real-time.
No syncing to mirror apps or resizing artboards.
Experience your designs directly on your phone and make changes in real-time. Design once and view on every screen sizes.
Existing design system?
Import from Figma.
Bring your design system to life by importing your Figma components and styles into Play where you can build out real product flows and prototypes.
Design Foundations &
Multi-state Components.
Easily manage your design tokens, including color, type styles, and even spacing values. Create dynamic components with multiple states—just like a real product would have.
Experiencing the design while developing in context of the medium is mind blowing! Play gets a lot of things right with an intuitive UI and seamless approach to building products.
— Jeff Jean-Baptiste
Design Systems, AdventHealth
Prototypes that feel real—because they are.
Play enables you to create products that embody the ultimate vision of what you want to realize. Tools that create prototypes to “get close to the real thing” fall short of giving you the nuanced feedback you need to fine-tune your work.

Play is the only tool empowering you with native gestures and sophisticated interactions so you can realize the full potential of your designs. It gives you the power to design and build in the native environment with the flexibility to create and change complex interactions easily—all in context of how your users will experience
the product.
No more spaghetti artboards.
Linking together artboards is a thing of the past. Play enables you to approach the visual and interactive paradigms of design simultaneously.
No more simulations.
Don't waste time trying to hack together prototypes. What you create with Play will look, feel and function exactly how a real product will.

No more throw-away work.
Play enables you to continue building on what you've designed instead of creating reference files as an interim deliverable.