Design with real native elements
Use real input textfields, live maps, pickers, sliders, and more!
Video player control
Play not only supports video but gives you full control with built-in actions.
Set the status bar & open modals with a tap
Live maps integration
Easily add real maps to your product with one tap. Add pins, customize the look and feel and link it to other parts of your product.
Manage your assets 
& styles
Upload images, SVGs, custom fonts, and create your type, spacing, and color styles.
Inspect your designs & copy Swift snippets
Improve collaboration with your engineers through inspect mode and easily grab Swift snippets.
Expand your work to the iPad
Increased real estate and exposed controls. Keyboard and mouse optimized. Easily check your designs on every iPhone screen size.
Real-time sync
Real-time sync between Play for iOS, iPad, and Web.
Access native gestures
From panning and dragging to advanced scroll triggers, with Play you never need to worry about “getting close enough to the real thing.”
Scroll Effects & Paging with one tap
Add effects like fade, scale, Coverflow, and more!
Event listeners
Event listeners let you to connect different states of your product and create more sophisticated user flows.
Easily connect pages
Connecting pages in Play takes one tap and gives you countless ways to customize transitions.
Variables & conditions
Use variables to create and access strings, numbers and boolean values throughout your project and components.
Import from Figma
Import your pages, components and styles from Figma, continue editing, and add advanced interactions and native features only found in Play.
Multi-state Components
Components in Play can have multiple states—giving you the power to create sophisticated functionality that far surpasses linking together static artboards.
Design Foundations
One source for colors, type styles, spacing values, and easing curves across your projects.
Play Library
The Play Library is a set of customizable components. From buttons and headers to tab bars and cards, use Play Library to quickly assemble a page.
Shared libraries
With the launch of Play for Teams, we'll also support shared team libraries.
(coming soon)
Seamless sharing
Easily share your work with viewers who can experience it directly on their device.
Work in teams
Create teams, invite collaborators, set permissions, and work together!
Dev handoff & code export
Coming Soon...
Real-time multiplayer
Play's multiplayer feature will empower teams to create and iterate on their products, directly in the 
native environment.
(coming soon)
Download Play from the App Store
Install Play for iOS and iPad today and start designing today for free!