Collection Views

& Dynamic Data
Leverage iOS Collection Views to turn single components into repeating grids and connect to JSON files to link your content with external data.
Change the Status Bar & Create Modals with a Tap.
Integrate Live Maps.
Easily add real maps to your product with just one tap. Customize their look and feel and link it to other parts of your product.
AR & Camera Access
coming soon
Access Native Gestures
From panning and dragging to advanced scroll triggers, with Play you never need to worry about “getting close enough to the real thing.”
One Tap Scrolling & Paging
Event Listeners
More advanced features like event listeners enable you to connect different states of your product and create more sophisticated
user flows.
Variables & Conditions
coming soon
Align & Distribute
with Stacks
With alignment, distribution options and gap spacing, Stacks are an easy and flexible way to lay out pages in Play.
Grow to Fit
More advanced features like Grow give you even more power to create incredibly dynamic layouts.
Navigate Layers with Ease
The “layers panel” reinvented for mobile—we call it the Navigator. Select objects with a simple scroll or drag and drop to change their position.
Import from Figma
Import your components and styles from Figma where you can continue editing and building out functional product flows in Play.
Design Foundations
Create and manage project-wide design tokens like colors, type styles and spacing values.
Create & Manage Styles
Create effects and styles including borders, drop shadows and native background blur.
The Play Library
The Play Library is a set of customizable
pre-built components. From buttons and headers to tab bars and cards, you can use Play Library to quickly assemble a page.
Components in Play can have multiple states—giving you the power to create advanced functionality that far surpasses linking together static artboards.
coming soon
Shared Libraries
With the launch of Play for Teams, we'll also support shared team libraries.
coming soon
Play Together
Play's multi-user feature will empower teams to create and iterate on their products, directly in the 
native environment.
Seamless Sharing
Easily share out your work with viewers who can experience it directly on their device.