What is Play?

Play is the first native iOS design tool built for creating mobile products. Design, iterate, and collaborate directly from your phone, experiencing your design as you create it, while taking full advantage of native iOS features to bring your product to life.

If you have used other design tools before, then you will find a lot familiar concepts in Play, along with many features reimagined for mobile. If you’re new to design tools, we hope you will find Play a great place to start designing your own mobile products.

Who is Play for?

Play is designed for anyone who designs, builds, or works with mobile products. Most of the people using Play now are designers (from UX designers to product designers and visual designers) UX researchers and even engineers and product managers. Product teams inside of large organizations are using Play as well as smaller startups and individuals.

How can I use Play in my current workflow?

You can use Play early on in your design process to go from an idea or whiteboard sketch to a working product very quickly by using the Play Library and Page Layouts. This is great for design sprints or doing proof of concepts for quick validation or user testing where you want something with high fidelity and want to get there quickly.

You can also take advantage of Play's advanced Interaction capabilities and native features to create high fidelity prototypes that will function exactly like a real product (because it is one!) For these cases, you can create from scratch in Play, or import designs you may have already created in Figma.

If you have an existing design system in Figma, you can import those components and styles into Play where you can continue to edit and build out product flows using Play's Interactions.

As we roll out more advanced capabilities like connecting with external data sources and dev handoff, you can use Play to create functional products that are ready to deploy.

Is Play for iPhones Only?

Currently, Play is available for iOS and iPad. We also launched Play Web, where you can upload assets, create and edit styles and grab Swift snippets. We have plans to roll out an Android version in the future as well.

Does Play replace the design tool I'm already using?

We've designed Play to be advanced enough where it can be used as a standalone product design tool but it works really well alongside your primary design tool (Figma, Sketch, XD). Right now we support the ability to import your Figma components, styles and pages into Play and will be rolling out support for Sketch and XD soon.

What Play offers that traditional design or prototyping tools don't, is the ability to experience your design directly on your phone and adjust things in real-time. Play also has advanced capabilities as it relates to gesture-based interactions and other native features of iOS.

Is Play a design tool or a prototyping tool? Or is it an app building tool?

Play is a design tool purpose built for mobile products. Since you're creating in the native environment, you're making a real app—not a throw-away, interim deliverable. You could use what you create for quick, high fidelity prototypes or hand off what you've done to your engineering team once our dev handoff feature is ready, which is currently in production.

Can I download Play from the App Store?

Yes! You can download Play for both iOS and iPad from the App Store and start designing today for free!

How are my files stored? Is Play secure?

We take privacy and security very seriously at Play and are SOC 2 certified.

In terms of where and how data is being saved and transferred, we are using Google Firebase for all data storage & hosting as well as using Firebase’s services for sending and calling all data and information. 

Firebase services encrypt data in transit using HTTPS and the Firebase services we are using for Play also encrypt data at rest.

All the Firebase services have successfully completed the ISO 27001, ISO 27017ISO 27018 and SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 evaluation and certification process. 

What is the best way to learn Play?

The best way to learn Play is to experiment and have some fun with it! You can check out our YouTube channel and Support Site, which are good starting points.

How can I collaborate with my team in Play?

You can invite team members, set permissions and collaborate with one another. Read more about setting up teams and how to publish and share prototypes.

Can I import my existing design files into Play?

You can! Right now we have robust functionality that enables you to import your Figma components, styles and pages into Play. We will be adding in support for Sketch and XD as well.

Can I export code from Play?

You can currently grab Swift snippets from Play Web. More advanced functionality will be rolling out soon. This is a very big feature and one we are putting a lot of thought behind. We want this feature to be useful for both designers and engineers.

Can I hook up external data sources to Play?

Yes! We will be rolling out the ability to integrate external JSON files into Play.

Can I import my own images, videos and SVGs into Play?

You can! Right now you can upload your own photo assets via your phone. We also have integrations with Unsplash, Pexels and the Noun Project for stock photos, videos and SVGs respectively. Our users also have access to Play Web, where you can upload images, SVGs, and custom fonts.

Does Play support custom fonts?

Yes! Play supports all Google fonts and custom fonts. You can install your custom fonts from Play Web.