The first native iOS design tool built for creating mobile products.
Directly from
your phone.
A better tool for creating mobile products.
Design, prototype, and collaborate directly from your phone. Experience your design as you create it, while taking full advantage of native iOS features to bring your product
to life.
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Now available for iPhone and iPad.
Play for iPad has increased screen real estate, exposed controls, and is keyboard and mouse ready. With real-time sync between your devices, you can design on your iPad & refine from your iPhone.
Install Play for iPad
Manage your design system from Play Web.
Upload images, SVGs, and custom fonts, create teams and invites users, create and edit styles (type, color, and spacing), and copy Swift snippets.
Launch Play Web
The first true mobile product design tool.
Unlike traditional design tools that require you to context switch and simulate the mobile experience, Play is the first tool to make contextual design for mobile possible. No more proxies, simulations or syncing to mirror apps. With Play, you can design, iterate and experiment with your product as you create it. 
Powerful native iOS features—in the palm of your hand.
Play gives you access to powerful, native iOS features — live maps, input text fields, haptics, switches, pickers, steppers, UIMenu, UIAlert — that simply aren’t possible in other design tools. Play in the sandbox that Apple created to bring your mobile product designs to life.
Sophisticated interactions made easy.
From micro-interactions to more complex gestures like panning, dragging, and advanced scroll triggers, Play lets you approach the visual and interactive paradigms of design simultaneously. Why simulate native functionality when you can make the real thing?
"Play is incredibly clever, powerful, and performant. They've managed to achieve the seemingly impossible: a beautifully designed mobile app for designing beautiful mobile apps."
Marshall Bock
Design Systems Lead, Youtube & Co-host of Design Details
"Play makes creating new components and iterating on them fast, and surprisingly engaging. I'm able to spin up new ideas faster and actually get a feel for the interactions, all in one go. It's completely changed how I approach product design."
Chip Truex
UX Design Manager, H&R Block
“Experiencing the design while developing in context of the medium is mind blowing! Play gets a lot of things right with an intuitive UI and seamless approach to building products.”
Jeff Jean-Baptiste
Design Systems, AdventHealth
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