Rethink the way you work. Reimagine the products you create.

Meet Play.

Play helps teams design, build and share powerful mobile products—directly from their mobile device.

A powerful new approach for
product teams.

Play reimagines the traditional design and development process, empowering you and your team to design, build, test and share your product in real time—all on the medium you're designing for—your phone.

Play gives you the freedom to play around with your designs right in the moment—instantaneously changing fonts, colors, layouts, even interactivity—with just a swipe of your finger.

With access to native gestures and interactions, real-time collaboration features, and the ability to export source code, Play is a powerful new way of working for product design teams and their organizations.

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"It’s really f!@#$*g smart and it’s really, really performant. I’ve been impressed with how well done it is… It’s f!@#$*g genius man."
— Marshall Bock
Design Systems Lead, Youtube & Co-host of Design Details

From early design sprints, to powerful products.

From creating entirely new products to iterating on new features of existing ones, Play empowers you to go from a whiteboard sketch to experiencing a product in your hands—in minutes. 

Product teams can use Play for design sprints and proof of concepts, all the way to creating high fidelity prototypes and sophisticated products.

With Play, you can create from scratch or use it alongside your favorite design tool where it becomes a powerful new way to make your designs come to life—directly on the medium your end user will experience them.

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Play in action.

Making a Card
Fundamentals · 06:23
Making a Feed
Components & States · 07:53
Making a Slide-Out Menu
States, Interactions, 3D Transform · 08:04

Import from Figma & Sketch with ease.

Bring your static design system to life with Play.

Even though you can create in Play from scratch, we know many teams already have detailed design systems created in other tools. Now you can realize the full potential of what you've designed by using Play.

You'll have the power to quickly and easily create dynamic product pages using components you've imported from your Figma & Sketch libraries. Along with components, you can also import any primitives like color and typography.

Feature Coming Soon

Create sophisticated products using advanced features.

With our recently released Interactions feature, you can incorporate complex interactivity and motion directly from your phone without writing any code. As you create with Play, you're building a real product in the native environment, so everything looks and feels true to form and nothing you create is throw-away.

Advanced features such as multi-state Components, dynamic Stack and Collection View layouts and JSON integration, give you everything you need to design and build sophisticated, high quality products. Play will also export to Xcode supporting Swift, with plans to roll out more languages in the future.

What Can You Create with Play?

Play Together.

Play was created with product teams in mind, but the real power of the platform is how seamless it is for other parts of your organization to experience and contribute to the product design process.

From UX and visual design, engineering and product management, strategy and copywriting, every discipline can directly contribute to the product.

When teams use Play, everyone can experience the product as it evolves, working collaboratively in real-time.

Features like commenting and chat along with Play’s built-in sharing functionality, put collaboration features in context of the workflow and give your team a new, streamlined way of creating products together.

Feature Coming Soon

Beta for Teams
& Live Sessions.

We’ve launched our Private Beta for Teams!

You can sign your team up by filling out the form below. With access to the program, you’ll also have an opportunity to book a live session with our team, where we’ll go over some of the latest features and work with your team on how Play can be a powerful new tool in your
team's workflow.

How it Works
If your team is selected, we will reach out to collect the emails of your additional team members and distribute Beta keys. If you signed up previously as an individual, please note that on the form and once verified, your application will be prioritized.

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