Design, test and share powerful mobile products—directly from your mobile device.

Experience your product as you create it.

Play is a powerful new product design tool for your mobile device. With Play, you can design, iterate and experiment with your product as you create it. No more proxies, simulations or syncing to mirror apps to experience your designs on your phone.

Play is the only tool empowering you with access to native gestures and the ability to change both your design and interactivity, all from the medium your users will experience your product on.

"It’s really smart and it’s really, really performant. I’ve been really impressed with how well done it is… It’s genius man."
— Marshall Bock
Design Systems Lead, Youtube & Co-host of Design Details

Go from idea to prototype in minutes.

From creating new products to iterating on features of existing ones, Play empowers you to go from a whiteboard sketch to experiencing a product in your hands
in minutes. 

You can use Play for design sprints and proof of concepts, all the way to creating high fidelity prototypes and sophisticated product flows.

With Play, you can create from scratch or use it alongside your favorite design tool where it becomes a powerful new way to make your designs come to life—directly
on the medium your end user will experience them.

Play makes creating new components and iterating on them fast, and surprisingly engaging. I'm able to spin up new ideas faster and actually get a feel for the interactions, all in one go. It's completely changed how I approach product design.
— Chip Truex
UX Design Manager, H&R Block

Powerful native features—in the palm of your hand.

Play empowers you with native gestures and sophisticated interactions so you can realize the full potential of your designs. It gives you the power and flexibility to create and change complex interactions easily—all in context of how your users will experience your product.

Play enables you to take advantage of features not easily accessible in traditional design and prototyping software. Native gestures, live maps, complex no-code interactions, multi-state components and advanced layout options are table stakes
in Play.

Create with Play.

Quickly Build & Test Ideas
Play Library · 02:00
Create Powerful Prototypes
Interactions · 00:31
Import Components from Figma
Figma Import · 01:00

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