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Meet Play.

Design and build better products, in less time, with fewer barriers— all on your mobile device.

Play in action.

Making a Card
Fundamentals · 06:23
Making a Page
Position, Placement & Order · 10:53

Not another tool—an entirely new approach.

Imagine having the freedom to play around with your designs right in the moment—instantaneously changing fonts, colors, layouts, even interactivity—with just a tap of your finger.

Play reimagines the traditional design and development process, empowering you to design, build, and experience your product in real time—all on the medium you're designing for—your phone.

And since you're creating in the native environment, you’re actually building a real product—all without writing any code. Play will export to Xcode supporting Swift, with plans to roll out more languages in the future.

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Turn your ideas
into working

In today's workflow it can take days—sometimes weeks—to go from a sketch to experiencing a product in your hands. Only then do we know if our designs feel and function the way we intended them to.

Play closes this gap—empowering you to turn your ideas into real products that you can experience—in minutes.  

You can design anything from scratch or give your project a jump start by using the Play Library. With over 100 customizable components, it's never been easier to experiment with new ideas.

Create sophisticated products using advanced features.

Multi-state Components. Dynamic Stack and Collection View layouts. JSON integration. These are just a few of the features that give you everything you need to design and build sophisticated, high quality products.

Easily add transitions with Play's Presets while still being able to create complex, gesture-based interactions. More advanced users can use Code Mode to build any interaction model you can think of.

The Team.

Play was founded by four partners: Michael Ferdman, JoonYong Park, Eric Eng and Dan LaCivita, who all come from different backgrounds and disciplines. We all worked together at design and technology agency, Firstborn, which was founded by Michael in 1997.

After creating hundreds of digital experiences for clients over the last 15 years, we shifted our focus to rethinking how teams could design and build digital products, in search of a better way.

Join Our Private Beta.

We’re opening up our Private Beta to more users. If you would like a chance to try out Play, sign up here!

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